Letter of intent

Date Posted: Sunday, March 1st, 2020

Town of Little Creek

P.O. 298 , Little Creek DE  19961


February, 13, 2020

Letter of Intent

To Whom it may concern:

It is the intention of the Mayor and Town Council of Little Creek, to approve the installation

of a self contained, above ground gas, diesel, and propane fueling station, as well as an

electric vehicle charging station, to be located within the town’s economic zone and 

properties owned by the Little Creek Grill and it’s associates.


The Towns approval is contingent upon the fueling stations compliance with all local, State,

and Federal requirements for the safe operation of said facility, and the understanding that

this facility is to be used solely for the convenience of those traveling to and through the town of Little Creek.

There will be no automotive or marine repair or related mechanical services associated with this facility

or located within the towns economic zone.


This approval will be formalized at the town’s next Town Council Meeting to occur on 03/03/2020 or shortly thereafter.



Glenn Gauvry

Mayor of the Town of Little Creek