Traffic Alert April 9th- May 3rd

Date Posted: Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

TRAFFIC ALERT – Pop-Up Traffic Calming Installations and measures along Main Street (SR 9) in Town of Little
Creek, Kent County

WHEN: April 9, 2021 to May 3

WHERE: Main Street (SR 9) in the Town of Little Creek (between Port Mahon Road and S. Little Creek Road)

WHAT: The Delaware Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Town of Little Creek and the
University of Delaware’s Costal Resilience Design Studio for master planning efforts will be installing traffic
calming measures within the Town of Little Creek. Traffic speeds have been monitored for several months and
concerns have been issued and documented about speeding within 25 MPH town limits. A pop-up demonstration
project has been called for traffic calming measures in town limits to determine its effectiveness. This shall include
a mock-up of a mid-block crossing which will serve for pedestrian crossing safety and for future redevelopment and
enhancement measures that the town seeks. Measures have also been identified in its Comprehensive Plan.
Other minor restriping and shoulder work will be performed. This effort is deemed temporary to monitor its effectiveness
before greater and permanent investments could be installed in those areas.

Variable message boards will alert travelers before entering this area. Lastly, this temporary measure have been discussed
and confirmed by town officials during pubic meetings. Various residents and public safety have been advised early.

Other than initial set up of this effort which could temporarily close travel lanes on an intermittent basis for several hours
the morning of April 9, travel delays are not expected.

For greater understanding of this traffic calming effort, please check out “Little Creek Traffic Calming Pop-Up Handbook” and
“Little Creek Traffic Calming Pop-Up Overview” in this section of the town’s web site. In addition, citizens that
live in the area and frequent travelers of this area encouraged to provide feedback on the pop-up traffic calming demonstration
via an on-line survey.